Sunday, December 17, 2006

Devi Fusion

I went to have lunch with some people from Elpida today at a restaurant in Roppongi that I haven't been to in a while. Devi Fusion (I have no idea why its called that). Its a indian curry restaurant that doesn't have any fusion in it. Its probably as authentic as your gonna get without going to India. Guess the only part thats fusion about it, is that it doesn't have any cheezy Indian decorations and stuff that try and make it up to look like an Indina restaurant. Its just all about the food. I had the 2 curry lunch with Tandori chicken today. Sooo grubbin. Just so happens that a friend owns this restaurant so he hooked us up with a bunch of appetizers. Strange guy, he is a semiconductor broker by day, and runs an Indian restaurant as a hobby. His exact quote," hey Jeff, Japanese people are crazy about curry, I never thought this place would do so well." Lucky guy. He installs a few plasma TVs in the place, and during soccer season there was enough people to come and eat and drink to pay off the TVs in 1 season.

All the ingredients other than vegetables and meats are pretty much brought in from India. All the chefs are from India. He said he provide housing for them in Japan and they come to work for 1 year at a time from India. They make enoug money to live wealthy back in India after 1 year of work, so they are happy, and he's happy cuz he gets authentic chefs cheaper than hiring in Japan. If your ever in the area try them out. It right up the street from the IBM building in Roppongi.

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