Monday, December 11, 2006

Udon Kurosawa くろさわ

A delicacy that is often enjoyed in Japan is Udon noodles. Traditionally its a thick noodle in hot broth soup made from shaved bonita and konbu. I went to a restaurant called Kurosawa in Azabujyuban tonight. I usually don't do noodles at night, but I went with my friend Eric and his pregnant wife, so I couldn't do my usual grub and drink thing with them. So noodles it was. I ordered the Kurobuta Curry Nanban Udon (careful, need to wear a splash guard cuz it gets messy) after a beer and some Oden (assorted vegetables and fish cake in broth, yumm). The noodles were great! Felt as if my body was being nursed by the complex flavors of the broth and the perfectly boiled noobles being what Japanese would consider Al dente. Along with that the warmth of the broth, acting like a blanket on a cold winter night. Haven't felt this way about noodles in a while, but serious this place was grubbin!

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